all rights reserved. Original Site content and design © 2012 simply spiders - Tarantula Suppliers Since 1993 when my hobby first begun, I decided to open a website to share as much information, advice and guidance to help both new and existing hobbyists. I have purchased hundreds of different species to which has gained me experience and knowledge to fulfil my ambitions of breeding some of the rarest tarantulas in the hobby. As a result of this I am able to share my surplus stock of captive bred specimens to other hobbyists. As each species of tarantula is unique in its own way, with individual personality, it makes this hobby an ongoing learning curve for even the most advanced keepers. I am able to share my experiences with our downloadable care sheets for most pet tarantula species. During my years of collecting tarantulas, I have found true spiders to be a much more interesting side to the hobby. Although life spans are shorter than tarantulas, true spiders are becoming more and more popular each year. The popular demand for true spiders has encouraged me to study many of the exciting species from around the world, including captive breeding programs which I began in the summer of 2011. With contributions from other advanced keepers and hobbyists, I have provided articles, photographs and video content to help you understand deeper into this fascinating and growing hobby. I am able to offer you many of the common and even not-so-common species of tarantula. I mainly specialise in  spiderlings and juveniles as sub adults and adults are valuable to our ongoing breeding programs.  Whether your looking for your first tarantula or looking to add to your collection, I’m sure I have something that will interest you. Simplyspiders Its Community!
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